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Enhanced 2024 Medicare Advantage plans offering savings, flexibility, and security

CarePartners of Connecticut PPO and HMO plans provide you with high-quality and comprehensive benefits, while keeping your costs low. Our Enhanced $0 PPO Plan includes a $0 medical deductible and a NEW, easy-to-use Visa® Flex Advantage spending card with a $1,200 dental benefit to use at any licensed dentist. Plus, $260 per calendar year to spend on select over-the-counter health items. Our Improved $0 HMO Plan includes a $3,000 built-in dental benefit, plus vision, hearing, and more! Request more information or enroll now.*

* We contract with other Medicare Advantage/Part D plans. Benefits eligibility requirements must be met. Not all may qualify.

ER Wait Times
Average wait time to see a physician or advance practitioner.

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Emergency Services

Same Day Care

At Hartford HealthCare, we offer a wide-range of same-day care options to meet your medical needs quickly and efficiently.

Hartford HealthCare at Walgreens

Quick and convenient care for those conditions and symptoms that aren’t life threatening but need attention.

OnMed Care Station

Convenient healthcare at care stations located near you.

Urgent Care

Immediate, walk-in care for non-life-threatening conditions.

Emergency Care

24/7 care for critical and life-threatening situations.

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June 17, 2024

Can Berberine Actually Help You Lose Weight?

Commonly referred to as “Nature’s Ozempic,” berberine is shaping up to be the next weight loss craze. But is this [...]

June 14, 2024

CHA Recognizes Healthcare Heroes Across State

The Adult Kidney Transplant Program at Hartford Hospital received the 2024 John D. Thompson Award from the Connecticut Hospital Association. [...]

June 14, 2024

HHC and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center expand partnership to advance cancer care

Hartford HealthCare and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) today announced they are working toward a greatly expanded relationship to [...]

June 13, 2024

Constipated? Check Your Medicine Cabinet

From high cholesterol to diabetes, there are a lot of things medicine can help with. But when it comes to [...]

June 12, 2024

Is it Safe to Take Heartburn Medication Long-Term?

Occasional heartburn is common, but when it sticks around, many of us reach for the medicine cabinet. But is heartburn [...]

June 07, 2024

Can a Blood Test Assess Your Alzheimer’s Risk?

A simple blood test might be the first step in knowing if you’ll eventually get Alzheimer’s disease. “This is a [...]


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