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Enhanced 2024 Medicare Advantage plans offering savings, flexibility, and security

CarePartners of Connecticut PPO and HMO plans provide you with high-quality and comprehensive benefits, while keeping your costs low. Our Enhanced $0 PPO Plan includes a $0 medical deductible and a NEW, easy-to-use Visa® Flex Advantage spending card with a $1,200 dental benefit to use at any licensed dentist. Plus, $260 per calendar year to spend on select over-the-counter health items. Our Improved $0 HMO Plan includes a $3,000 built-in dental benefit, plus vision, hearing, and more! Request more information or enroll now.*

* We contract with other Medicare Advantage/Part D plans. Benefits eligibility requirements must be met. Not all may qualify.

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Average wait time to see a physician or advance practitioner.

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Emergency Services

Same Day Care

At Hartford HealthCare, we offer a wide-range of same-day care options to meet your medical needs quickly and efficiently.

OnMed Care Station

Convenient healthcare at care stations located near you.

Urgent Care

Immediate, walk-in care for non-life-threatening conditions.

Emergency Care

24/7 care for critical and life-threatening situations.

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